Frequently asked questions

What does "detox" mean?

Toxins are stored in the body's fat cells. A detox involves the body ​breaking down fat cells, which ​releases the toxins​ into the bloodstream​ ​for elimination​ ​from the body.

What is the difference between fruit & vegetable smoothies /juices?

Fruits provide antioxidants to ​aid in detoxing​, while vegetables provide the nutrients to rebuild​ and ​fuel the body.​

What is the difference between each detox?

The 7-Day Vegan Detox Challenge involves ​nutrient-dense juices ​and​ fibrous vegan foods​ in ​abundance​. Throughout the day, you will consume ​6 large juices​, ​3 small meals, and a snack. The 7-Day Smoothie Detox Challenge contains ​nutritional and fiber-dense smoothies in ​abundance​. You will have ​2-3 smoothies a day, 1 meal of choice, and a tonic ​to aid the kidneys & liver’s cleansing functions. The 7-Day Juice Detox Challenge involves ​feasting​ on ​nutrient-dense juices​ in abundance​. Throughout the day, you will consume ​5 large juices & a cleansing tonic with nutritional supplements. Queen Ravenden’s Ultimate 21-Day Detox Challenge combines all three over three weeks to give your body a deep cleanse by eliminating toxins, promoting waste loss, and replacing the toxins with much-needed nutrients to aid in your optimal health and wellbeing.

What is “vegan”?

A vegan lifestyle focuses on ​eating live fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes​ from Mother Earth’s garden while ​eliminating the consumption of animal products​: meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, and eggs.

Can I do Queen Ravenden's Detox Challenge if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Those who are pregnant or nursing ​ should not​ ​do the detox, as the body's reactions can affect the baby.

What should I do before beginning a detox?

It is always important to ​seek the guidance of your healthcare provider​ ​before beginning any health program, and this would be no exception.

Can I book a health consultation with Queen Ravenden?

Absolutely! Book your Holistic Health &. Herbal Consultation with Queen Ravenden here.